How to deal with wedding cancellations – email negotiation advice

What a time to be a wedding supplier! Thanks a lot, COVID. With countless wedding cancellations or postponements, businesses and couples are scrambling to figure out who is entitled to what regarding deposits and refunds. Lots of you have been asking me how to deal with tricky emails from couples demanding money back in an unreasonably short time frame. As your Legal Fairy Godmother, of course I delivered! *waves magic wand and appears in a cloud of smoke…*

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Know your T&Cs

It’s important to understand your T&Cs so you know exactly what the score is regarding cancellation – by you or by the couple. Its surprising how often suppliers don’t know what their contract even means! By being clued up, you’ll be able to stand your ground. Couples have access to the CMA advice and consumer protection organisations – suppliers don’t have the same safety net! Remember, the CMA have stated that you can keep incurred costs and charge for any value already given, so don’t be pressured by threatening emails. Take time to think before responding.

You can read our blog about wedding postponement and new contracts here.

COVID-19 Email Templates for Wedding Cancellations

Initially, we launched a set of email templates for wedding venues. Due to popular demand, we have created a more general set for wedding suppliers. These email responses are for dealing with client queries about wedding cancellations/postponements. The wording will help you defend any decisions to keep incurred costs or deposits, draw a line under correspondence and document compromises. Save time worrying about what to say to focus on the things you do best… being an awesome wedding supplier! You can find the email templates here.

A Testimonial…

“I used one of your templates today! Two months ago, a couple asked us to reserve a 2021 May weekend and have now changed to wanting a refund. Brilliant template! Kind and fair and saved hours of anguish worrying what to say. You are indeed amazing beyond words. Thank you!” – Penny Holley