How did I come about creating contract templates for wedding professionals and why are they so important? Read about my legal career and experience below and you’ll see why they call me the Legal Fairy Godmother!

Having worked in the wedding sector in recent years, with every possible sort of service provider from DJs to florists, wedding coordinators to venue stylists, I have been called ‘the Legal Fairy Godmother to the wedding industry’.

I usually provide bespoke legal and contractual advice and services to wedding professionals and other small businesses through our sister company Stanford Gould limited. Stanford Gould Online was born from a wish to provide a simple, cost effective ‘first port of call’ to new and start-up businesses requiring terms and conditions to start operating as professionally as possible with the least amount of risk to their business if things go a little wrong with a client, as unfortunately happens to all businesses sometimes.

Hopefully you will find the template you need to set up your T&Cs to provide clarity, professionalism and protection for you and your clients. More contract templates for wedding professionals will be coming soon too….

Contract Templates for Wedding Professionals


Qualifying as a solicitor in 1992, I spent the next 20 years working in private practice, local government and legal recruitment.  Having also run a law firm as Managing Partner and been Operations & Business Manager within an SME, this combined experience means I have first-hand knowledge of the various demands and pressures of running a business.

I now run my own businesses including my original consultancy Stanford Gould, from my home office with all the pressures, joys and challenges that working solo can bring.

I also indulge myself with my husband and two teenagers, the gym, an active participation in singing and pottery, with a love of funk and soul music and great food and drink. We have a busy household!