Email Template For Wedding Venues- CMA Investigation Responses

I think it’s fair to say that the recent CMA Investigation has caused a bit of panic for wedding venues. I’ve been spending the past week helping businesses respond to a sea of emails from couples demanding various refunds. I’d like to tell you about our new email template for wedding venues, to help you respond to those tricky (and sometimes nasty!) customer queries.

Many venues are dealing with couples asking for refunds, sometimes challenging the T&C’s based on the CMA’s report. Couples have access to consumer protection and resources to tell them what kinds of questions to be asking. I’ve realised that wedding venues don’t have the same help readily available! This is a minefield for everyone, so I’ve come up with an email template for wedding venues to ‘level the playing field’ and hopefully assist some venues that are feeling swamped.

Email Template For Wedding Venues- CMA Investigation

Email Template For Wedding Venues:

Our email template responses can be used as the basis for a wedding venue’s response to a range of situations, including:

1) Queries from couples whose wedding has been unable to progress due to coronavirus. The template response deals with couples that are challenging your decision to keep money or their deposit. You can remind them that the CMA have said you could keep incurred costs, or charge them for any value or services they have already received under the contract.

2) Couples that postponed their wedding but now want to cancel and get their money back. There is a set of paragraphs that you can adapt to respond to queries like this.

3) Drawing a line under correspondence. This is for venues who have offered a compromise , or reached the end of negotiations, but perhaps without settlement. Do you just need some breathing space from the pinging inbox? Our wording will help you .

4) Documenting a compromise. The wording in the template allows you to clarify an agreement and protect yourself by agreeing any deal as in full and final settlement.

Email Template For Wedding Suppliers

How To Get The Template

I’ve road tested this template with a few clients, and we’ve found it to be incredibly useful. If you think this would be useful to you, you can purchase it for £75.00 from today. Buy on line here or email me at with the heading ‘Venue Template’ and I tell you how to get the template in WORD format.

The template is NOT designed to cut and paste. Every situation is different. The email template for wedding venues was designed to give you a starting point to deliver a bespoke response to customers.

If you’re a wedding supplier looking for more coronavirus related advice, be sure to check out our blog. You can find a YouTube video about the email template here, and another video about the CMA Investigation here.