What’s the first thing I need to add to the Template?

Just pop your business details in at the start of the template, including your business name and trading address, with your company number and your registered office address, if you have one.

Can I add my logo and make it ‘on brand’?

Yes of course – this is a word document designed to be made to look like yoursplease do brand it, and it can have the font and colours changed to suit your house style. Then you can add your logo or business header or footer to the text.

Why do I need to insert a date on the document?

Insert your Business Name at the top of the template on the left and then add the month and year of creation of the document at the top of the document on the right. This allows you to keep track of what version of the T and Cs you have provided to a client, if you choose to revise or change the Terms over time. This way you will always know what version applies to each client transaction.

Image courtesy of Captured by Megan Wilson

Do I need anything else besides the template?

The templates are designed to be used with your bespoke proposal or quotation which you use to set out a price for the goods or services you are to supply. You probably already use some standard format to tell clients how much they will be paying for your services or goods. This can be a simple email or document which sets out the price for each individual client and will probably be different for each customer. That proposal or quotation should be marked subject to our standard Terms and Conditions which are appended/attached’ and then the template you purchase from us are those standard Terms and Conditions which should be the same every time. You should attach the Terms and Conditions to your proposal or quotation every time you send one to a new customer, or if you are asked to re-scope a quotation or proposal with changed prices or other terms.

What’s this section about ‘professional indemnity’ all about?

Where the template invites you to add a financial limit to your liability this should be the limit of any Professional Indemnity insurance cover you have. It does NOT mean Public Liability insurance cover. You cannot limit your liability for Public Liability claims. If you do not have Professional Indemnity insurance, you should delete the clause entirely. We would however suggest that you take independent advice about what insurance cover is appropriate for your business and the level of cover you may require. Regrettably we are not qualified to, nor can we provide such advice at Stanford Gould Online Limited or Stanford Gould Limited, but if you contact us enquiries@stanfordgouldonline.co.uk we can signpost you to our trusted insurance broker contact who can advise you, without obligation.

What’s the relevance of data protection and this GDPR thing I keep hearing about?

Where have you been for the last 12 months? You must have heard of GDPR? If not here’s a headsup: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/ The T and Cs have to deal with the use of personal data and confidential information and are part of your required compliance with GDPR. The template refers to a Privacy Policy or Notice which has to be displayed on your website and in turn your Terms must direct the customer to this Privacy Notice or Policy for further information. If you do not yet have a Privacy Policy, never fear! We have a template for a simple Privacy Policy also available to purchase on line from our sister company, Stanford Gould Limited.

Full details can be found here.

A Bonus For Photographers

There’s an added bonus for you guys… if you do other forms of photography, not just weddings, you will need T and Cs for either commercial shoots or lifestyle photography. You can get two additional T and C’s templates for a discounted cost so that you can choose the correct form of T and Cs for the photography services you supply. For the template for Wedding photography only, the price is £225.00. If you select the full Photography bundle you receive three templates – wedding, commercial and lifestyle, for the discounted package price of £350.00.