Wedding stylist – are you protected?

This week we are looking at the wedding stylist – you design buffs, creative folk with all that gorgeous kit that you provide to make the venues and party rooms and marques so fabulously exquisite. You may be a relatively new wedding stylist building up your stock of props and items, or maybe you have a storage space full of vintage, retro, themed gorgeousness, which range from light up flamingos, candle lanterns, fake plants and trees, table decorations and furniture, or every sort of fairy light on the planet. Whatever your style as a wedding stylist, that’s a lot of kit with a lot of value – are you making sure you have protected it? In this respect, your contract is your best friend.

First and foremost – insurance. Have you really valued what you have (and I mean counted it, catalogued it and added it up!)  and secured adequate cover both for its storage and its transportation? This is the very life blood of your business so please make sure you are properly covered. You can email us if you need an introduction to an excellent insurance broker that we work with.

Top quick tips: Make sure your policy is robust, covers you in a business context, and for off-site damage.

Secondly, do your terms and conditions make it clear that once in the possession of your clients, the risk is theirs? Do they take insurance? Do you request a damage deposit and how do you deal with that? Paid to a separate bank account? All thorny issues to ensure that the risk of damage is hopefully covered in all circumstances.

Top quick tips : do they specify when the risk passes to your clients? Do they tell the client the total hire period you have agreed? Do they deal with the legal requirements for cancellation periods? These are strict, and the hire contract could be unenforceable in total if they are not right.

It’s a pretty risky business leaving your business stock in the care of others for use and abuse so make sure you have robust terms that make the obligations and liabilities clear in the event of damage, loss or dispute.

You can get our template terms for stylists which deal with all these issues here.