To Surrey and back again – a wedding planners’ tale….

To Surrey and back again – a wedding planners’ tale….After a fabulous week talking to new Wedding Planners attending the Planning Redefined conference in the beautiful surroundings of Millbridge Court, Surrey, this week’s blog is especially for you chaps – the wedding planners, the party organisers, the events managers, the folk who plan and organise and source and deliver for clients week in, and week out.

There are so many aspects to your role and different wedding planners bring very different skills and preferences to their service delivery models. Some are very style based, and looking for the ideal aesthetic, the beautiful photographs to capture perfect days and memories for their couples, using high levels of design and artistic skills to create perfection. Others are very logistics driven, and all about getting the right things in place at the right location, the right price and the best possible quality. Others are all about ‘the party’ – person centred, and ensuring that it’s a fabulous day with fabulous family and friends that goes with the best bang.

In truth, most wedding planners are something of all of those things – they have to be, to deliver the day they promise.

Whatever your style or skill, it’s important that underpinning what you do, there are some operational and legal boxes that you tick to keep your risks as managed and as low as possible.

This stuff is not sexy, not aesthetic, not fun, not easy …..but important and essential to a good, well run , professional business venture.

I’ll attempt the impossible, and boil it down to a simple check list, so here are my top tips of the most important things ‘to do’ for your planning business – maybe not all at the start, maybe not all at the same time, but soon, and I would suggest as a priority.

  • Contracts with your clients or T and C’s – covered extensively in previous blogs you can read here – and Contracts with your suppliers – these need only come high on your to do list if your model of delivery includes sourcing, instructing and paying these suppliers yourself. More advice to follow in future blogs on this issue.Our template can be purchased here
  • Insurance – boring unless you are an insurance geek… (errr, pot….kettle….from a lawyer….) but essential. Public Liability cover is a must to cover accident and injury, Employers liability cover if you have any workers, Professional Indemnity cover may also be a good idea – to cover the ‘cock ups’… but take advice. We have a great referral link to a specialised small business insurance broker and you can email us to get this introduction if you want more advice on this point.
  • Web site compliance – does it have a privacy policy that is GDPR proofed? Does it have a contact us page that is GDPR compliant – if not you need our Starter Pack
  • Regulatory compliance – don’t forget your Health and Safety obligations, risk assessments and other safety requirements like first aid provision.

Are you ready to go for the new season now? Bring on 2019.