Wedding Stylist Hire Contracts – Legally Compliant Or Complacent?

Does your business have stylist hire contracts for props and decorative items for weddings and parties? Do you source bespoke requests, and style rooms and locations with yours, and others, fabulous ‘kit’? Do you know about wedding stylist hire contracts?

Vintage Stylist? Opulent backdrops? Fairy lights and lanterns? Themed gorgeousness? That’s you – right? What do you know about these?

Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013

Trips off the tongue, doesn’t it? I’m sure you read them nightly as you drift off to sleep with classical music and cocoa…as obviously I do…

….and how they affect stylist hire contracts and cooling-off periods (no that’s not code for leaving this blog and getting an iced drink…read on.)

Wedding stylists and planners, if you are hiring kit to your customers, are your wedding stylist hire contracts complying with the regs?

The big take away from this blog today is cancellation periods and deposits. These regulations mean that any customer entering into a stylist hire contract must be able to cancel the contract and get their deposit back in full if they request to cancel and do so within 14 days of entering the contract. Whilst disappointing, and clearly potentially having an effect on cash flow for a small biz, usually this will not be an issue when providing the services and the hired goods, as customers generally book more than 2 weeks before the date for hire.

Think about why that’s relevant. So that you don’t rock up with the stuff and then find they have the contractual right to cancel…not an easy situation for anyone…

However – what happens in the last situation – panic hiring – how do you get around this? Well, we have a solution.

In addition to some decent T and Cs which reference the cancellation period required by the regulations, (you don’t have one? Get one here….) you can have a separate document – which complies with the regs – to waive this right. Your would-be last-ditch hirer can sign this to exclude the possibility of the deposit being refunded and the contract cancelled.

Interested in wedding stylist hire contracts? Contact us and we will help you get it right.

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