Legal advice for cake makers and bakers – cancellations

Wedding Cake Makers and Bakers : Creating a personalised product? what you need to know about cancellations…

You can create the most beautiful ‘to order’ and often specifically personalised baked goods: gorgeous ‘eatables’ that extract ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from their reception and party guests, but are you clear about what happens if your client changes their mind?

If you create bespoke goods in the wedding industry what are the rights of your customers to cancel their order once placed? Is there any right to cancel? And if so, how does affect your business?

Most of your customers will be consumers and thus have certain rights to cancel a contract for goods or services, within some time limits. However, if they are purchasing personalised goods, then this right is significantly curtailed, and only if the goods are faulty does a right to cancel then arise. Your contract should be clear about this and inform your customer of this more limited right to cancel personalised orders.

Clearly this is because there’s not a lot you can do with a Bear Grylls inspired Amazon River Crossing themed cake that you created because ‘that’s where they got engaged’….

Do your T and C’s cover this situation?

Be careful if you also offer non-personalised items, such as cupcakes or other more standard cake and pudding menu items, as they will still be capable of cancellation in some circumstances – in particular if they have purchased on line or ‘at distance’. The time periods are tight and other obligations need to be satisfied but there is a difference.

Contact us for more advice if you are in a dilemma about your rights and those of your customers…

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