Who’s to blame for a spelling mitsake? Wedding bespoke print and stationery providers – are your Terms clear?

Who’s to blame for a spelling mitsake? Wedding bespoke print and stationery providers – are your Terms clear?

As its World Stationery Day today we are concentrating on those fabulous creatives who use the printed word to make beautiful goods and stationery for the wedding sector.

But what happens if the proverbial hits… and you get a spelling error, or a detail wrong? Who is responsible in this situation and how can it be resolved?

The first port of call is your client contract – your Terms and Conditions. Are they clear about proof reading, mock up and sign off, and who must undertake this? Are they clear about who must sign off any proposed printing? Can one of the couple approve on behalf of both? Or do you require a second ‘yes’?

Secondly – are your Terms clear about absolving you of liability in the event of a mistake where the error has been correctly signed off? What do your Terms say about what happens next in this situation? These things DO happen so what’s the clear position in your Terms about what you do in that situation – or perhaps more importantly what you do NOT have to do (another print run? for example)

They really need to be. If your Terms aren’t specific about proof reading and signing off the printed goods you produce – get them reviewed – here’s our option if you need help with this.

Secondly – take a look at your processes. How do you get the proof approved? By email? In person? Do you have an evidence trail of what you sent or produced and what version of the bespoke printed goods was approved? Do you have an evidence trail of the approval from the client? Could you prove to a court (that’s ‘on the balance of probabilities’ – or in simple terms ‘its more likely than not’) that they saw the error and yet still approved it? If not, you need to look carefully at your processes for sign off by your client as well as your contractual terms. One without the other isn’t much help to you.

If the terms are clear that the customer must sign off and you have evidence this was done, then any costs associated with a reprint (including expedited costs, if necessary) can be properly left to the customer to pay. If your Terms are silent, or inadequate, you could end up on the end of that printing bill to put right the mistake you made.

If you need any help with these issues – get in touch? We’d love to hear your story of a spelling error that went unnoticed….anonymised obviously!