Managing expectations- a painful lesson from real life.

Managing expectations – a lesson from real life

This is me.

Pole axed. Crooked. Stuffed. Literally working with my hands tied (that’s my typing arm….)

and it got me thinking this week about what I can actually do despite this challenge, what extra things I need to put in place and, perhaps most relevant to this blog, – what do I tell my clients and make sure I am managing expectations?

I’ve figured out that I can do the work- it’s taking me longer and its frustrating me, but it can be done. I’ve roped in a teenage child on half term hols to type a few things, and a husband on his day off to drive me to see a client – it’s all in the collaborations and the planning! But I’ve also had to tell clients about the enforced go-slow, and to shift some deadlines to make them comfortable to achieve. That means prioritising some jobs and proactively communicating with those who may have a slightly extended delivery.

There’s nothing more irritating in the life of a customer when you have instructed someone to do something – provide a service – or have ordered goods – to then be greeted with the wall of silence. No updates. No progress. No product! We all know a quick call to say – no news but I’m checking in – can be so important to managing those customer expectations.

Contracts – or Terms and Conditions – is another way of managing the clients’ expectations and demands. Setting out the rules before you start to play the game. No contract can ever be water tight – and beware a lawyer who tells you any different! – but at least you have some structure, some rules and some protection to ensure that what the customer thinks you are going to do is in fact what you are going to do. Sounds simple – right? Not always.

If you want a steer about managing your clients’ expectations – please do get in touch. My left handed index finger typing speed is improving daily!

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